Water bath with digital display GFL 1004 Tempering Water Bath content 21 liters Listing ID: 27160


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Product Description

Water bath with digital display    GFL 1004    Tempering Water Bath      GFL incubation, Inaktivierungsbad 1004      Heating bath Device Type: Water / liquid    Heating bath temperature max .: 99.9 ° C    Heating bath volume: 21 L.    Cooling: no    N ° 11112205j    230v ~ 50/60 Hz    6.5A    1.5 Kw      The water in 1004 has been successfully used for incubations and inactivation of cultures, such as for warming bacteriological media, carrying out chemical reactions or thawing of samples. Even with the heating medical packs it is used.    Microprocessor-controlled temperature control.    ExcellenteTemperaturkonstanz: ± 0.1 ° C in time.    Temperature setting and display via LED display, in steps of 0.1 ° C.    Touch keys with clear symbols.    Electronic monitoring of the temperature controller. In case of failure, the cause of the error appears on the screen.    Two independently operating overtemperature fuses.    Bath and tans, cover, lid and perforated floor made of stainless steel.    A thermally insulated lid, double-walled with inner camber, no dripping back of condensate into the glasses.    Lid and perforated floor already included.    Corrosion-resistant housing made of electrolytically galvanized steel, powder coated.    Drain valve at the back

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