About Lab Merchant

Launched in 2010, Lab Merchant (formerly Oxford Labs) is fast becoming Europe's most comprehensive online marketplace for scientific equipment. The equipment offered for sale on our website comes from a range of laboratories, lab equipment trade vendors, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, universities, hospitals and other scientific and medical research organisations.

With such a strong emphasis on environmental impact and cost saving in the current climate, it has never been so important to maximise space and protect investments. Research has found that laboratories and similar research areas consume between 4 to 100 times more energy per square foot than commercial space. Releasing idle equipment to generate income and reduce the need for break-up and disposal is advantageous to organisations wishing to meet their financial and environmental targets.

The root of our business is to enable surplus lab equipment to be sold using our online tools to help its owners achieve maximum return. This is crucial in meeting the research needs and budgetary requirements of laboratories worldwide. This mission is combined with our environmental goals of reducing scientific waste material through the refurbishment and reuse of equipment.

Whilst being based in London, we are able to facilitate transactions with organisations in Europe and further afield.