Used Agilent 1200 RID refractive index detector

Used Agilent 1200 HPLC system

Used Centrifuge THERMO MULTIFUGE X3 + Fixed Angle Rotor F14-6x250LE FIBERLITE

Used Incubator BINDER CO2 CB210

Used Centrifuge THERMO SCIENTIFIC SL 16 With Rotor BIOSHIELD 720

Used Microwave ANTON PAAR MULTIWAVE 3000 with Rotor 16 Vessels

Used Water Purification System MILLIPORE Elix 15 ZRX0015T0

Used Water Purification System MILLIPORE Milli-Q Z00QSV001

Used Density Meter METTLER TOLEDO DM40

Used Etcher / Asher / Cleaner EMITECH K1050X

Used ICP VARIAN 720 OES + Autosampler + chiller

Used Ultrapure Water System SARTORIUS ARIUM PRO UV-T

Used Fisher Scientific Accumet Basic AB15 PH Meter Works - Spares / Repair

Used 440 Volts, 50 Cycle, Phase 3, Stone Grinder Gate Machinery Co Ltd 2.100 Spindle

Used Job Lot 10x Lotus enmotion touchless hand towel dispensers paper tissue bathroom

Used Job Lot 200x Lotus enmotion touchless handtowel dispensers paper tissue bathroom

Used Labconco Lab Benchtop Freeze Drier + Vacuum Pump - Needs New Chamber Seal

Used Varian CP-3380 Gas Chromatograph w/ CP8410 Autoinjector & Star 800 Module Inter

Used CE Instruments Elemtex Elemental Analyzer NC2500

Used Faulty Edwards 3 Pump Model RV3 Vacuum

Used Mopo Spectra-Physics Quanta-Ray Laser Accessory

Used Kyowa Medilux-12 Halogen Illuminated Microscope w/ Objectives Lab Equipment

Used Grant SUB36 Lab Water Bath w/ Lid Spares/Repairs

Used The Mickle Laboratory 2 x Shaking Water Bath Incubators

Used Kyowa Medilux-12 Microscope w/3 Objectives

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