Waters 600S HPLC-Pump Controller pump control unit 2 pumps f.Waters 515 Listing ID: 27129


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Product Description

Waters HPLC Pump Controller      Type: 600S      Control unit 2 HPLC pumps e.g. Waters 515      Function checked, incl. Data cable and manual CD      This Waters 600S controller is in excellent condition. The Waters 600E system is a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) multi solvent delivery system.The time proven solvent delivery design Provides unmatched reliability, Which Means less maintenance and maximum up time. Use the Waters 600S controller with powerline software for autosampler and detector control.      System specifications include:    User Interface: Liquid Crystal Display Liquid Crystal Display: 5-inch, 320x200, 16 lines, 40 characters / line    Program Tables: Flow rate, gradient, timed events, 15 time-based steps / table, 15 table capacity    Method Tables: time-based, multi-method capacity, includes linking program tables    System Control: Provides single keyboard control of Waters autosampler, UV / Vis, RI and conductivity detectors, column temp control    Gradient profile: 11 gradient curves linear, step (2), concave (4), convex (4), includes Waters AutoBlend method for automatic buffer blending    Eluent Blending Control: Random phase synchronization algorithm, proportioning valve timing automatically to bestimmt eluent composition percentage    External Events: four-time or operator-controllable switch closures, two analog outputs (for chart out, pressure)    Inject terminal: One, Receives signal from external injector to initiate method    Dimensions: 28.7 "(h) x 22:25" (d) x 11:32 "(w), 16lbs.    Operating Temperature Range: 4 ° C - 38 ° C (39 ° F - 100 ° F)    Humidity Operating Range: 20% - 90%    Relative Humidity Maximum Power: 250 VA    Frequency: 47 - 63 Hz

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