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Product Manufacturer Model Condition Sale Price
MVE 6000 Cryosystem MVE Cryogenics MVE 6000 Cryosystem Excellent Enquire
Sigma 3 - 16 centrifuge Sigma Sigma 3 - 16 centrifuge Excellent Enquire
Heidolph 1010 Incubator Shaker Heidolph Heidolph 1010 Incubator Shaker Excellent Enquire
7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System Applied Biosystems Life Technologies With 384-Well Block Module £45,000.00
Microchannel Detector unit AB Sciex Linear or Reflector for AB Sciex 4800/5800 Excellent £3,600.00
VWR pH Electrode VWRI:662 1769 VWR Excellent £25.00
Acrodisc Syringe Filter Pall Corporation Excellent £50.00
Acro® 50 Vent Devices with PTFE Membrane Pall Corporation Excellent £5.00
TripleTOF - LC/MS System AB Sciex 5600 Refurbished Enquire
High throughput autosampler CTC Analytics HTC PAL Excellent £2,500.00
Purair Basic 24 Tall (P5-24XT) Air Science Technologies Ltd. P5-24XT Excellent Enquire
Purair Basic 48 Tall (P5-48XT) Air Science Technologies Ltd. P5-48XT Excellent Enquire
Purair Advanced (P10) Air Science Technologies Ltd. P10 W/FSA Excellent Enquire
Nuve Benchtop Autoclaves Nuve OT18/OT23/OT32 Enquire
Nuve Vertical Autoclaves Nuve OT40/OT90 Enquire
Nuve 100 Litre Vertical Autoclave Nuve OT100 Enquire
Nuve Horizontal Autoclaves Nuve OT300/OT430/OT570/OT710 Enquire
Nuve 12 Litre Bench Top Autoclave Nuve ot12 Enquire
Rotary Evaporator Heidolph Laborota 4001 Excellent Enquire
Mass spectrometer system Waters Quattro Micro Excellent £12,999.00
Binary micro HPLC pump Waters 1525u Excellent £1,500.00
Degasser unit Waters Waters AF degasser Excellent £500.00
Buehler Polimat 2 Electrolytic Polishing And Etching Machine Buehler Polimat 2 Excellent £1,200.00
GE Akta FPLC GE Äkta Explorer Excellent £24,750.00
HT2000H GC Autosampler HTA srl Enquire
HT2100H GC Autosampler HTA srl Enquire
HT2800T GC Autosampler HTA srl Enquire
HT3000A GC Autosampler HTA srl Enquire
HT3100A GC Autosampler HTA srl Enquire
HT3200A GC Autosampler HTA srl Enquire
HT4000L HPLC Autosampler HTA srl Enquire
Sample Prep Workstation HT4000E HTA srl Enquire
Sample Prep Workstation HT4000A HTA srl Enquire
Custom GC Autosampler HTA srl Enquire
Akta UV 900 GE Äkta Akta UV 900 Refurbished Enquire
Sorvall Evolution RC Centrifuge Sorvall Sorvall Evolution RC Centrifuge Excellent Enquire
Beckman Avanti JE Centrifuge Beckman Beckman Avanti JE Centrifuge Excellent Enquire
Fume hood Safelab Airone 1200-GS Good £0.00
Esco AVC6D1 Laminar Flow Hood ESCO GB Esco AVC6D1 Laminar Flow Hood Excellent Enquire
Laser Scan Micrometer (ID Scanner) 'LSM-6900 Good Enquire
Rotary Evaporator Eyela 'OSB-2100' Good Enquire
Clean Oven ESPEC 'PVC-211M' Good Enquire
Vacuum Oven ESPEC 'VAC200' Good Enquire
Waveform Generator 400Ms/s LeCroy 'LW420' Good Enquire
Oscilloscope 100Mhz, 1GS/s Tektronix 'TDS 1012' Good Enquire
Transformers 'CD220-01' , 'KN-15U' Good Enquire
Water Purification System Millipore 'Gradient A10® Milli-Q® Good Enquire
Nitrogen Vessels Statebourne Cryogenics 'model CS30' Good Enquire
Gas Detector AP6054821, AP6054822 Good Enquire
GE Amersham AKTA Purifier 10 GE Äkta GE Amersham AKTA Purifier 10 Excellent Enquire
Heraeus Function Line B12 Incubator Heraeus Heraeus Function Line B12 Incubator Excellent Enquire
Beckman CF 32 Continuous Flow Rotor Beckman CF 32 Continuous Flow Rotor Excellent Enquire
New Brunswick -86 Freezer New Brunswick New Brunswick C660 -86 Chest Freezer Excellent Enquire
Genlab Laboratory Oven 50 Litre Genlab Genlab Laboratory Oven 50 Litre Excellent Enquire
Thermo Heraeus Forma Direct Heat CO2 Incubator Thermo Heraeus Thermo Heraeus Forma Direct Heat CO2 Incubator Excellent Enquire
Thermo Heraeus Megafuge 11R Refrigerated Centrifuge Thermo Heraeus Thermo Heraeus Megafuge 11R Refrigerated Centrifuge Excellent Enquire
Waters Pump + Waters 600 Controller Waters Waters Pump + Waters 600 Controller Excellent £800.00
Beckman Optima TLX Ultracentrifuge Beckman Beckman Optima TLX Ultracentrifuge Excellent Enquire
Beckman SW32 Ti Rotor Beckman Beckman SW32 Ti Rotor Excellent Enquire
Applied Biosystems 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF analyzer AB Sciex 4800 Good €30,000.00
Spectra-Physics Assy 0129-5016 FCBar pump laser diode Good €1,990.00
illumina NeoPrep Illumina illumina Neo Prep Excellent Enquire
Microscope Table with nanometer resolution in xyz and controller Physik Instrumente PI P-733.3 DD and PI E-710.3 CD Excellent €8,000.00
Digital Oscilloscope Tektronix DPO 4104 Excellent €6,000.00
Carl Zeiss argon laser LGK 7812ML with power supply LGN 7802 447117 Good €1,750.00
HP Vectra QS / 20 model: D1430A / D1422B ISA cards MT-201 / DADIO / 650-0216 HP-HIL Good €1,499.00
Buchi Rotavapor R-134 incl with Waterbath B-480 rotary evaporator. Condenser Good €1,350.00
Rotary evaporator Heidolph VV2000 rotary evaporator with a water bath WB2000 Lift Good €1,299.00
Heraeus Kendro type BB 6220 CU CO² Incubator incubator to 50 degrees incubator Good €1,150.00
Instron 3366 Tensile Tester Instron Good £18,786.00
Leica ST5020 Multistainer Leica Good £15,660.00
Leica CV5030 fully Automated Glass Coverslipper Leica Good £15,660.00
Esco Ascent Max ADC-5B1, Ductless Fume Cabinet Good £3,132.00
Inhousegas N² MaxiFlow 30L Nitrogen Generator Good £2,756.40
Andreas Junghans Feed Tank Good £2,505.60
Thermo Heraeus 6001K Cytomat Thermo Good £2,505.60
waukesha cfr RON/MON octane test engine n/a waukesha Excellent $315,000.00
Beta Ram scintillation counter LabLogic 500ul Sofie cell Excellent £300.00
Fraction collector Teledyne Isco Foxy 200 Excellent £900.00
GC Purge and trap concentrator Teledyne Tekmar 3000 Fair/Working Enquire
Diluter Gilson 401C Good £100.00
Programmable injector system ATAS GL Optic 2 Good £550.00
STEC Hydrogen generator OPGU - 1500A Excellent £500.00
Temperature controlled circulator Fryka GmbH DLK 500 Fair/Working £300.00
Temperature controlled circulator Lauda RM6 Fair/Working £300.00
Temperature controlled circulator Thermo NESLAB Neslab RTE-111 Fair/Working £300.00
Haake K20 circulator Haake K20 Good £500.00
UV/Vis Spectrophotometer Shimadzu UV 2501 PC Excellent £1,900.00
High Throughput prep and load autosampler CTC Analytics HTS PAL Excellent £3,200.00
Fluorescence Detector JASCO FP920 Good £1,700.00
Evaporative light scattering detector Polymer labs ELS1000 Excellent £900.00
Autosampler Shimadzu SIL 10AD VP Good £1,200.00
Column oven Shimadzu CTO 10AC vp Good £590.00
System controller Shimadzu SCL-10A vp Excellent £500.00
Electrochemical Detector Antec Leyden Deacde 2 SCC Excellent £3,900.00
Isocratic pump Knauer K501 Good £900.00
Flash Chromatography system Teledyne Isco Combiflash Companion Good £500.00
Shimadzu HPLC system Shimadzu LC10 A Good £4,900.00
Agilent 1100 series G1314A Variable wavelength detector Agilent G1314A Excellent £2,500.00
Agilent 1100 system Agilent Full Agilent 1100 HPLC quaternary system with diode array Excellent £11,000.00