Buying Guides

At Lab Merchant we want to inform lab managers about their choices when it comes to buying lab equipment. We are therefore writing buying guides to help lab managers make the right decisions when it comes to making their next lab equipment purchase.

Used Lab Equipment Buying Guide
Read some tips on buying used lab equipment.
Used Lab Equipment - top tips for finding the best available
How to find the best second-hand equipment.
Used Centrifuge Buying Guide
Read some tips on buying used centrifuges.
Used Laboratory Balance Buying Guide
Read our tips on choosing the right laboratory balance for your lab work. When you know what you are looking for then browse the range of used laboratory balances.
Used HPLC Pump
Read the Buying Guide to help you choose the right pump.
Used HPLC Autosampler
Read the Buying Guide with tips and hints for buyig autosamplers.
Used HPLC Detectors
Read the Buying Guide for help selecting the right type of detector.
Used HPLC Accessories
Read the Buying Guide for selecting accessories for your HPLC system.