Brookhaven Intruments Corporation BIC model: 9863 light sensor PMT Tube tube Listing ID: 27197


  • Seller Kaplonski GmbH
  • Location Germany
  • Member since 17th Jun 2013

Product Description

Brookhaven Intruments Corporation model: 9863      Light detector tube      consisting of an optical part - light entrance opening via fiber optic or laser top opening 10x Ramsden eyepiece then 2 rotary turret one probably with lenses (1/2/3/100/200/400) and one (with filters for wavelengths 0/514 / C / 488 / C / 633)      From the other side, the detector unit with an amplifier / discriminator is inserted and fixed in light-tight manner with a bayonet closure.

Warranty Terms

Returns policy: 4 weeks from the date of delivery.

Payment Terms

We accept PayPal or bank transfers. We accept payment 14 days after delivery from universities and similar organisations. All other customers must pay before delivery.

Delivery Terms

Customers can test our equipment for 4 weeks. Within this period we take our sold items back and refund all costs. Every parcel under 31,5 kg will be sent by the German DHL. All other things will be sent by the German transporter "Schenker" please ask the price before purchase. Everything can be collected by the customer here in Hallbergmoos (from 8.30 am till 4.30 pm)